GEOAxIS Registration Links

CAC / GEOAxIS is required for all users.

  • For CAC users - please contact the to add your DoD ID to an already existing account. This ID can be found on the back of your CAC.
  • For non-CAC users - GEOAxIS is provided for authentication using credentials. You can register for an account via the GEOAxIS website (UNCLASS:

Unclass Registration
SIPR Registration
JWICS Registration
GRiD Support Team (Hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1600 ET)

Please contact the GRiD Support Team for password resets, data requests, GRiD error messages, training, questions, etc.

Unclass Contact Info
Phone: 571-721-2630
SIPR Contact Info
Phone: 484-0371
JWICS Contact Info
Phone: 811-5720
Elevation Data Support (Hours: Mon-Fri, 0800-1600 CT)

Please contact the Terrain Analysis Branch for assistance with the data within GRiD.

Unclass Phone: 314-676-9146
Unclass Email:
SIPR Email:
JWICS Email:
Enterprise Service Center (ESC) (After Hours)

Please contact the ESC for assistance with GRiD outside of the core support hours. The ESC will document the issue and provide it to the GRiD Support Team.

Unclass Phone: 1-800-455-0899
JWICS Phone: 579-3999
Custom Media

Please contact the Custom Media team if you require large data downloads.


Alternatively, please contact the Custom Media Team directly at 636-321-5285.

NGA LiDAR and High-Res 3D (Hours: Mon-Fri, 0800-1600 ET)

Please contact the Lidar/High Resolution 3D Image Science branch for assistance with 3D analysis or product development and/or lidar remote sensing questions.

UNCLASS Phone: 571-557-8858
SIPR Email:
JWICS Phone: 578-8858
JWICS Email: